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Puffin Browser Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 4688 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: CloudMosa, Inc.
3.99 USD
Current version: 5.2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Dec 2010
App size: 60.53 Mb

Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast. Once users experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Browser Pro is the premium version of the Puffin family. It is not ad-sponsored.

Wicked Fast: Puffin speeds up mobile browsing by shifting the workload from the resource-limited devices to the cloud servers, and resource-demanding webpages can run super-fast on your phones or tablets.

Cloud Protection: All traffic from Puffin app to Puffin server are encrypted, a protection from nearby hackers. It’s safe to use public non-secure WiFi through Puffin, but not safe at all for most browsers.

The Latest Flash: We keep improving our cloud servers, and provide the latest Flash support over the cloud.

Save Your Bandwidth: Puffin uses proprietary compression algorithm to transmit web data to your device, and it can save up to 90% of your bandwidth on regular web browsing. (Please be noted that streaming Flash content or videos requires more bandwidth than the normal usage.)

* Incredible Loading Speed
* Adobe Flash Support over Cloud (Flash Player 21)
* The Whole New Tabs Browsing
* Download to Cloud (Up to 1G per file)
* Theater Mode
* Adjustable Flash quality
* Puffin World
* Virtual Trackpad (Mouse Simulator)
* Virtual Gamepad
* Add-ons functions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Translator and more)
* Color Theme for Toolbar and Slidebar
* Fastest JavaScript Engine
* Full Web Experience (Desktop view and mobile view)
* Incognito tab for private browsing
* Synchronize Chrome bookmarks automatically.

==== Limitations ====
* The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are in the US and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations.
* For users outside the US, local content, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in your home country.
* Due to the Internet censorship, Puffin Browser service is blocked in China and Saudi Arabia.
For more information, please check our FAQ:

==== Suggestion ====
For all users, we suggest trying the free version before buying the full version. This can help you make sure that Puffin Web Browser works well and fulfill your needs.

==== Privacy Policy And EULA ====

Pros and cons of Puffin Browser Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Puffin Browser Pro app good for

I love this app. It allows me to be able to do things on the internet on my iPad and iPhone that I cant do running Safari on my iPad and iPhone. Such as view content on the Internet that requires flash player and play online games. One issue I have with this app is it has not been updated in 2017. Please update this app again and regularly update it.
This app works great for me, but would give it five stars if it offered the capability to play through the flat screen with aftermarket and OEM lightening-to-HDMI cables. Maybe someone has a link to purchase cables that do work with this app?
For about 6 days now, everytime I tap something on Newsfeed, I did a white box that says "True" in black font on the top line, the next line says, "Stay on this page" in blue font and the last line says, "Leave this page" in blue font. You have to tap "stay on this page" to move on and seto e if you received the item you tapped on, when you tap on Home to get back on Newsfeed the box comes back and you have tap "Stay on this page" gain. The back arrow is not working with this new box that is coming up. Instead of just tapping (or clicking) twice to get a job done, you have to tap or click four times, which is ready slowing things up. It is doing this on my Ipad, mini Ipad, and Iphone 6s+. Please fix this.
I love the app, great flash support, but the app icon could use an upgrade. Maybe a more minimalistic approach?
Puffin brings all the functionality of my browser on my PC to my iPhone.
I installed this to watch flash enabled web content not expecting much beyond being able to do exactly that. It works for that of course but, the other benefits are exceptional. While using Puffin, i no longer get the mindless string of "A problem was encountered..." Error messages. The page load speeds are a bit faster but the lack of having to reload EVERY webpage 20 times while i try to read them makes all the difference in the world. It makes my old ipad 2 usable again. Thank you a ton...

Some bad moments

- Gets slower during multiple tab browsing! (Approx. 15-20 tabs) - Crashes during multiple file downloads! (Approx. 4-8 file downloads) - Sometimes downloaded files through local storage or dropbox wont open! - Every time it crashes; bookmarks and settings lost, had to redownload from store, fresh start!!! - Cant reorder bookmarks in edit menu. Finger selected bookmark fly away! - Force text reflow and Double-tap zoom bugged also.
- Application get slower during multiple tab browsing! (Approx. 15-20 tabs) - Application crash during multiple file downloads! (Approx. 4-8 file downloads) - Every time it crashes bookmarks and settings lost, had to redownload from store, fresh start!!! - Cant reorder bookmarks in edit menu. Finger selected bookmark fly away! - Force text reflow and Double-tap zoom bugged also.
Time to update the flash player tired of going on certain websites and telling me I need to update the flash player.... plus you need to install webgl and be able to play unity player tiresome to not be able to use common internet features
My app is working right it over laps my pages unable to see my pages under desk top I dont want Moble .. I puffer desk top ... I can see my pages all of it not in sections
Used to be great. Now works good for 30 seconds , then kicks you off, then repeat...., every 30 seconds . Gets worse every update on iPhone. Needs -star, sooooo bad :(
Very odd behavior going on. Having Puffin open stops Music playback on my device. Thought it might be some tabs/sites I had open so I closed them all, but it is still happening. I even try resuming playback via control center but soon as I go back to the app Music playback stops again. There is no Contact Us/Feedback feature in the app so here I am. Please fix this problem, thanks!

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